Perrault Syndrome

Patient Assistance Programs for Perrault Syndrome

Perrault Syndrome

The Perrault syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that results in sensorineural hearing loss in both men and women, as well as ovarian dysfunction in women. The majority of cases are female, with about 100 reported so far.


Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms of Perrault syndrome include:

  • Hearing loss at birth or early childhood
  • Ovarian dysfunction
  • Delayed growth
  • Neurological symptoms

Individuals with Perrault syndrome may suffer from intellectual disability, balance and coordination problems (ataxia), and numbness in their limbs. This condition, however, does not affect everyone neurologically.


Changes (mutations) in six genes lead to Perrault syndrome: CLPP, ERAL1, HARS2, HSD17B4, LARS2, or TWNK. About 40% of patients have mutations in one of these genes. The cause is still unknown in the other 60% of patients

The Perrault syndrome is an autosomal recessive genetic disorder. In an autosomal recessive genetic disorder, an individual inherits a non-working gene from each parent.

Affected Populations

A total of 100 cases of Perrault syndrome have been reported, making it a very rare disorder (<1 in 1 million).


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